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Note: The course listing is subject to change. Please check back often; courses may be added as the semester schedules are developed. Register through Engineering Online at Illinois. Non-degree students must obtain CEE department approval to enroll in courses (contact ceeonline@illinois.edu).

Fall 2017 Online Course Offerings

CEE 406. Pavement Design, I, E. Tutumluer
CEE 408. Railroad Transportation Engr, C. Barkan
CEE 409. Railroad Track Engineering, C. Ruppert
CEE 416. Traffic Capacity Analysis, R. Benekohal
CEE 421. Construction Planning, K. El-Rayes
CEE 442. Env Eng Principles, Physical, R. Espinoza-Marzal
CEE 443. Env Eng Principles, Chemical, R. Cusick
CEE 446. Air Quality Engineering, M. Rood
CEE 457. Groundwater, A. Valocchi
CEE 463. Reinforced Concrete II, B. Andrawes
CEE 467. Masonry Structures, Abrams
CEE 470. Structural Analysis, A. Elbanna
CEE 471. Structural Mechanics, O. Lopez-Pamies
CEE 472. Structural Dynamics I, B. Spencer
CEE 491. Decision and Risk Analysis, P. Gardoni
CEE 493. Sustainable Design Eng Tech, J. Guest
CEE 498CEO. Construction Equipment and Methods, B. Young
CEE 498HPO. High Speed Rail Planning, T.C. Kao, C. Ruppert
CEE 498RVO*. Rail Vehicle Technology, C. Barkan
CEE 498WEO. Wind Engineering, F. Lombardo
CEE 508. Pavement Rehabilitation, I. Al-Qadi
CEE 512. Logistics Systems Analysis, Y. Ouyang
CEE 525. Construction Case Studies, L. Liu
CEE 537. Water Quality Control Proc, I, B. Marinas
CEE 575. Fracture and Fatigue, J. Lambros
CEE 581. Dams, Embankments, and Slopes, T. Stark
CEE 598NAS. Nonlinear Analysis of Steel Structures, Herrera

*Enrollment by instructor approval.

Full Listing of Online Courses by Area


CEE 406 Pavement Design/Analysis I, Fall
CEE 415 Geometric Design of Roads, Spring
CEE 416 Traffic Capacity Analysis, Fall
CEE 418/(formerly 498PT) Public Transportation Systems, Spring
CEE 498PS Pavement Sustainability, Spring
CEE 498TSR Transportation Safety and Risk, Fall
CEE 503 Construction Materials Deterioration, Spring*
CEE 506 Pavement Design/Analysis II, Spring*
CEE 508 Pavement Eval and Rehab, Fall*
CEE 509 Transportation Soils, Fall*
CEE 512 Logistics System Analysis, Fall*
CEE 517 Traffic Signal Systems, Spring*
CEE 598SS Transportation Soil Stabilization, Spring*


CEE 408 Railway Transportation Engineering, Fall
CEE 409 Railroad Track Engineering, Fall
CEE 410 Railway Signaling and Control, Spring
CEE 411 Railroad Proj Planning and Design, Spring
CEE 498HR High Speed Rail Engineering, Varies
CEE 498HRM High Speed Rail Construction Management, Varies
CEE 498HRP High Speed Rail Planning, Varies
Railroad Engineering Program


CEE 462 Steel Structures II, Spring
CEE 463 Reinforced Concrete II, Fall
CEE 467 Masonry Structures, Fall*
CEE 468 Prestressed Concrete, Spring*
CEE 470 Structural Analysis, Fall&Spring
CEE 471 Structural Mechanics, Fall
CEE 472 Structural Dynamics, Fall
CEE 491 Decision and Risk Analysis, Spring
CEE 570 Finite Element Methods, Spring
CEE 572 Earthquake Engineering, Spring
CEE 574 Probabilistic Load and Design, Spring odd years*
CEE 575 Fracture and Fatigue, Fall*
CEE 598RA Reliability Analysis, Spring*

Construction Management

CEE 420 Construction Productivity, Spring
CEE 421 Construction Planning, Fall&Spring
CEE 422 Construction Cost Analysis, Summer
CEE 424 Sustainable Construction Methods, Spring
CEE 525 Construction Case Studies, Fall
CEE 526 Constr Optimization and Decision Making, Fall*
CEE 597 El-Rayes and L. Liu - Indep Studies, Fall&Spring
CEE 598VSC Visual Sensing for Civil Infrastructure Engineering and Management, Spring*


CEE442 Environmental Engr Principles, Physical, Fall
CEE443 Environmental Engr Principles, Chemical, Fall
CEE 446 Air Quality Engineering, Fall
CEE 453 Urban Hydrology and Hydraulics, Spring
CEE 457 Groundwater, Fall
CEE 493 Sustainable Design Eng Tech, Fall
CEE 537 Water Quality Processes I, Fall
CEE 551 Open Channel Hydraulics*
CEE 598IUW Integrated Urban Water Infrastructure*


CEE 581 Dams, Embankments, and Slopes, Fall
CEE 588 Geotech Earthquake Engr, Spring*
CEE 589 Computational Geomechanics, Spring*
CEE 598TSR Tunneling in Soil and Rock, Spring*


CEE 507 Repair of Civil Infrastructure, Fall*
CEE 524 Construction Law, Fall*
CEE 592 Sustainable Urban Design, Spring*
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*Courses offered every other year or infrequently.

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